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5 Times When Self Tan Is Natural Tan

If you want a natural golden glow or a tan; it basically depends on how much you apply, the frequency and how you do it. We firmly believe that Boë’s self tan is creating a natural tan – and below you’ll find a couple of reasons of when self tan is a natural, tan.

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How to Apply Self Tan – The 3 Do’s

Boë is a quite unique product. We want to have the best possible experience; so here are our best advice on how to apply self tan. Below we give you self tan tips and do’s for how to apply Boë. To get the most natural look, the best start and best tan or glow – just the way you want it.

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How To Apply Self Tan – The 3 Don’ts

The color you get from Boë is your own melanin which is activated by our products. How to apply Boë’s products is key in order to get a beautiful and natural-looking, even glow and tan. To get the most natural look when using self tan and to get the best start and experience with Boë. We give you the classic don’ts for how “not” to apply self tan. Avoid the starter mistakes, and enjoy the most stressfree way of tanning with Boë.

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the natural ingredients of Boë's products

5 Things That Makes Your Self Tan Natural

Self tan, or fake tan, as it is also called by some, has for many years suffered under the perception of self tan being fake. Many resembles it with being unnatural, orangey looking, Jersey Shore-resembling, smelly – the list is long. But with Boë it’s not the case any longer! 
We give you 5 reasons to why and what that makes your Boë a quality self tan natural.

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