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The story of Boë started as a personal story.

Like many of us, my wife likes to have a naturally healthy and fresh looking sun kissed look with ease and without stressing about the sun.

At the same time, she is multi-chemical sensitive (MCS) and has a sensitive skin, i.e. she gets allergic reactions from nearly every form of fragrances.

One day, I asked my wife what she thought of self-tanners, and to my surprise, she thought it was a brilliant product, but it was more or less impossible to find any that was fulfilling her needs. They either had fragrances, a weird after smell of ‘self-tan’ or they simply looked ‘fake’ and you needed to be careful with their transfer.

She requested an easy to use, fragrance free self tan product, that she could use to enjoy the summer, without stressing about the sun. To, the fall, to stretch out the summer feeling. And, to the winter, to feel fresh and healthy.

Her response raised my curiosity. I knew, that she always have been very critical towards cosmetic products and their promises coming from a family of six generations of doctors.

The aforementioned things are the reason why Boë Beauté was created.

An easy to use, fragrance free self tan product with a natural tan


The creation of Boë Beauté was, and is, to give us, the opportunity to have an all-year natural, healthy glow, fragrance free and as easy and healthy as possible. To make us stress less about the sun, to be naturally good looking and to make us experience the positive energy that comes with a natural healthy tan – as easy as possible in our fast paced lifes.

That’s why Boë Beauté is a self-tan-alternative, that suit our fast-paced lifestyle, with no-smell products, that dries in seconds, brings a natural tan looking and doesn’t transfer. Boë are product that respects your choice of favourite fragrance and gives you the pleasure of wearing your cho- sen fragrance – and not drowning it in another fragrance battle – while using self tan. If you like to keep it natural and stay completely fragrance free, then it gives you the pleasure of a natural healthy tan – odour free. Besides the fact, that because it’s fragrance free it’s then free of parabens.

Boë fragrance free self-tanners, purely just brings several advantages. It is easy and time saving; due to the no-transfer and fast drying formulas. You just tan and go. Your skin is more even. You use less make-up. You look fresh, healthy, golden and happy and don’t get the ‘pale sad win- ter-looking skin’ – neither the feeling nor the look.

Tan & go!



You do a tanning routine with Boë faster, than brushing your teeth.

60 sec for a daily tanning routine is all what it takes with Boë to have your desired tanned look It’s no secret, that a tanned look makes us more happy and energizes us more.

At Boë we believe it’s everybody’s right to have the tanned look they desire.

We also believe, that making a daily or nearly daily self tan grooming routine makes your life easier.

We try to develop products, that fits effortlessly into peoples fast paced lives.

Tanning with Boë is your skin’s natural reaction to exposure as it react when exposed to the sun.

With Boe self tan, there’s no such thing as fake tan. Your tan is your tan.

Your favourite glow is your decision and we make it a reality.

Natural and effortlessly.

In 60 sec – and faster, than you prepare a cup of coffee

Your tan. Your Identity. Your decision.

Months after the launch of Boë Beauté, I had a talk with one of my old business partners, that came straight from a brick-and-morter franchise experience, where he as a franchise taker had been undermined by the onlne business as well as his franchise giver, that had allowed international online wholesale to undermine the business princiles of their franchise business – and left the franchise takers bleeding and financial vulnerable.

We the decided to take to opposite approach to global unicorn megabusinesses – and go local and to bring you extra profit to mutual benefit. We bring you an attractive product, on the rise and in a trend the continues to grow – and we do it with loyalty, interesting margins and where you will have the exclusive right in your area.  

We offer an efforlessly business model with free freight, no minimum orders and almost daily deliveries.

Loyal, profitable and easy to work with

–       and the trend will only grow stronger and gain you even more revenue