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NO. 2


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What it is

Get a gorgeous golden glow with our translucent, fragrance-free Tan Water. A few sprays creates a beautiful mist that gives skin an instantly hydrated, healthy glow.

Tan Water No.2 creates a deep golden glow. This quick-drying, fragrance-free and translucent spray is easily applied and develops into a golden tan in just 2-3 hours. Tan and go!

Your benefits

Just think, no clogged pores, streaking or dryness, and zero transfer onto clothes or sheets. Tan Water no.2 is easy to apply and quick-drying; expect a healthy-looking, golden tan to develop in just 2-3 hours. Tan and go!

Convenient travel size. The smarter, healthier way to get a sunkissed glow (especially for those with sensitive skin). Tan and go!


Fragrance-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, skin-friendly, tested and approved by Allergy Certified.


DHA = Self-tanning active
Propanediol = Moisturizing agent
Pentylene Glycol = Moisturizing agent
Dimethyl Isosorbide = Tan booster
Sodium PCA = Regenerating effect

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tanning tips

Boë Self Tan is designed for today’s modern busy lifestyles. Our products are absorbed in the skin within seconds and develop to a natural-looking tan over the next 2 hours. Boë helps you glow 365 days a year, whether heading to the office or heading to the beach. A daily tanning routine with Boë takes less than a minute and gives you a natural healthy glow all year round. That said; here you have an idea to the ideal tanning process.

STEP 1: Exfoliate 24 hours before tanning to remove any dead skin cells for the ultimate flawless finish.

STEP 2: Moisturise dry areas on your body such as hands, feet, knees, ankles and elbows prior to application.

STEP 3: Apply Massage tan in sweeping circular movements from head to toe, leaving hands, elbows and feet til last.

STEP 4: Wipe your knuckles, knees, ankles, elbows and sides of feet with a slightly damp cloth. Your tan will begin to develop immediately, and dries instantly.

STEP 5: Do not shower or bath for a minimum of 4 hours, the ideal development time is 8 hours for the Tan. For the Face it is 60 minutes.

STEP 6: Maintain Treat your tan the way you would a real tan, moisturising it every day or do a tanning routine every day. It takes less than a minute.

STEP 7: Exfoliate after two to three days for an even fade before reapplying your tan.

WASH HANDS: Always wash your hands after tanning and be careful between the fingers.